Call to creativity

It’s surprising that the word creativity is not featured in the tag clouds.  I notice the call to creativity everywhere in business these days, and wonder that there is not more discussion or instruction about it.  Perhaps everyone assumes it’s one of those givens, like being good.  People are expected to be good and we don’t spend much time examining the details. 

The fact is that our old ways are inadequate to deal with the issues we now face.  We use the word creativity to summarize the combination of iconoclasm and bright thinking we seek in business today.  Yet one is hard pressed to find training or analysis in what it is to be creative.  Many many books are available on the subject, but the average business person has little access to customized instruction.  We do webinars and courses in technical aspects of commerce.  We attend workshops on leadership, management, employee relations,  organizational development and all those aspects of our working lives that depend so much on our personal creativity.  But how many of us truly understand the power and effectiveness of a creative world view; how many of us exercise the precepts of creativity on a daily basis?

The truth is that we are not educated to do so.  We cannot even adequately define the term.  Education generally focuses on assimilating the world, and does its best to forget that the Self is a major source of knowledge as well.  My hero, Eric Booth, points out that there are three ways to learn:  through information coming from others, through personal experience, and through self-examination. 

Industrialism required the subjugation of the individual.  The information age requires effective personal creativity.  It behooves us to study into the cultivation of creativity: how this basic human ability is accessed, practiced and put to profitable use.

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  1. jborden on

    Couldn’t agree more – I speak around the country on this subject and it amazes me to watch the fear in people’s eyes as I describe a new age that we’re coming into. We made it through the industrial age, the information age, and we’re coming out of the service age, into the age of creativity. How will you manage creativity? How will people who are creative be managed? How will this relate to commerce, service, and productization? If you look at every good idea (money making or not), it has stemmed from creativity to some degree or another. It’s time to focus on not just being creative to solve problems, but to be creative to find new ways to do…well, anything.

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