Waiting vs. Patience

WaitingTuesday.  Time to get serious.  Over this and the next few posts, I’m going to take a look at simple, everyday ways to sharpen your creative abilities.  Anyone can do these.  These exercises may seem ridiculously elementary, and they are!  But they touch on capacies we so seldom stretch that I believe a small amount of practice will awaken exponential amounts of inspiration.

So here’s today’s practice.  The next time you find yourself waiting for something (a stoplight, a download, the delivery of your lunch order, whatever), take the opportunity to practice patience and all its attendant delights. 

You are waiting, full of impatience and expectation.  You have an agenda, and you’re wrapped up in accomplishing it.  This waiting, this interruption to your forward momentum is a temporary, slightly irritating obstacle.  Over the course of a day, though, these slight irritations can add up to significant stress.

Instead of settling for mounting irritation as an unavoidable occupational hazard, allow your waiting to morph into patience.  Practice tuning your awareness to realities around you right now.  Instead of waiting, teach yourself to enjoy those suspended moments between activities.  With the right amount of dedication to the effort, you’ll instantly double your inspired thoughts!


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