Notice this puddle, and you’ll discover its hidden treasure!And so we come back around to the weekend.  Once again, in the natural order, we slow all the motion and take a day or two for stillness.  And stillness is a great place from which to observe our next creativity principle: noticing.

When I suggested yesterday to consider the synthesis of any two objects on your desk, many may have experienced a dead end.  Perhaps no ideas or images came to you when you did this.  That is, unfortunately, a symptom of the blindness that’s the result of being an adult in the industrial age.  But since we’re fast leaving behind those old approaches to work and life, I’m here to assure you that your ideas exist intact and in limitless amount, but you have become desensitized to them.  However, this disability is reversible!

If you’re interested to know what your Self has to teach you, spend some time this weekend noticing.  Choose one physical sense: seeing, or hearing, or touching perhaps.  Apply your focus to experiences through this one sense.  Allow full indulgence and notice all the sensations.  Keep your attention on what you are sensing, regardless of intellectual responses.  In stillness, become a playground of visual delight, auditory accuity or tactile experience.  The universe will supply all the raw material; your job is only to notice, and then notice some more!

In theater training, a favorite exercise is to blindfold a student and lead him through space experiencing life without sight.  While you may not go to this trouble in your noticing practice, try focusing on hearing when you lie in the dark before sleeping; or focus on seeing when your environment is particularly noisy; or on feeling when in a busy store or restaurant.  By subtracting other senses from your experience, the one you’re focusing on becomes much easier to notice.


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