Monday morning – Got Rhythm?

Returning again to the theme of the rhythmic nature of life, I’m reminded of a quote from the mother of a cancer patient.  After a series of expert counseling sessions, she said, “I realize that nothing needs to be fixed.”   So much anxiety is produced as we try to fix the world.  There’s certainly a great deal we’d like to fix.  But unless it’s riding on the flow of universal rhythms, our effort is generally in vain.

The development of personal creativity is also most effiicient when it’s done in cooperation with perceived cycles and rhythms.  If approached from the standpoint of discovery, creativity willingly blossoms.  It won’t work to force creative response; you’ll only end up dissatisfied if you try to be creative.  The only approach that really works is to continuously open up, and let your innate creativity perform its magic.

With thorough understanding of this concept, creativity becomes your guide and companion, and is no longer a challenge to be overcome. Your creative progress is one of constant allowing, in great humility. Indeed it is those moments when your control slips, when you’re unsure and confused, when you seem to be a leaf at the wind’s mercy, that set you up for the greatest creative growth.

I hope these words may be of some comfort and encouragement during the challenge of your Monday. Coming out of the weekend, our workaday world can seem overwhelming. If you relax your hold and watch its rhythms with great objectivity, your creative responses will multiply, carrying you with joy and excitement through the week.


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