Hand Dance for Inspiration

007.jpg006.jpg0051.jpgHere’s a fun little game to brighten up your Wednesday, a day that’s smack dab in the middle of everything and likely to be problematic.  You started the week full of optimism, but as realities take hold you experience doubts and worries.  Are you really up to the challenge, will you be successful, will others let you down, will you end up looking the fool? 

To maintain a strong confidence, sometimes it’s helpful to dip back in to that foundational wellspring of idea that is the ultimate truth about you.  Here’s an easy way to do that.

As you sit at your desk, make a small, repetitive movement with one hand.  Practice til you remember the movement.  Then make another small movement, and practice it.  Add it to your first movement and practice the sequence.  Then do the same process a third time.  You end up with a little hand dance.  Consider the dynamic and characteristics of your dance.  What is it telling you about your state of being right now?  As you watch your hand dance, what images or rhythms or ideas occur to you?

Let your Self speak to your self this way and you will gain information, confidence and delight.  It’s a great way to detach from your worries, and charge up your enthusiasm!


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