Three Big Words

It’s exciting and heartening to me that some key concepts in the Web 2.0 world match key creativity concepts.  By adopting these ways of working in our businesses, we are also developing personal creative strength.

What are these concepts?  Today, I’m thinking about three:  curiosity, engagement, and generosity. 

Curiosity means a keen attention to both internal and external worlds, and a willingness to explore.  The business that understands constant change; that is tuned in to the lives and responses of its clientele; and that keeps a constant watch for new opportunities is the successful business of our time.

Engagement means the willingness to be responsive on all levels of society.  The business that sees itself in the context of the entire globe; that is not distanced from pressing social issues such as pollution, poverty, and ignorance; and that uses its resources to benefit the world to the best of its abilities is the vital business of today.

Generosity means truly courageous effort.  It doesn’t mean giving away the store; it means conscientious, no-holds-barred follow through on committments.  It means intelligent planning and then all-out devotion to goals.  In order to get, it is necessary to give first, as generally evidenced by the Open Source movement and many other freebies offered on the internet.  The business that cultivates a reputation of true dedication to sharing the benefits it offers is the admired business in our world. 

These three concepts are foundational as well to the development of individual creativity.  I understand the close relationship of individual creativity and business today as our most promising hope for the future.  It’s a future in which the gap is significantly narrowed between the things we do for money and who we are as human beings.

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