Love your limitations

Monday is a good day to consider the benefits of constraints.  Very often, a lack of creative effort is blamed on lack of resources.  I can’t be creative because I don’t have the materials, the software, the hi-tech capabilities, the cooperation of my staff.  I can’t listen to my inspirations, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the support, I don’t have the money.  I can’t take an interest in my creativity, I have to go to work.

Any of these excuses miss the mark, of course, because creativity thrives on constraints.  The more rules and givens that apply, the more readily creative solutions appear.  Neccessity, as you may have experienced, is the mother of invention. 

We see the constraints of the workaday world as binding on authentic self discovery and expression.  Yet such horrors as Monday morning are in reality our richest sources of possibility.   Consider the interface of your sleepy brain and Monday business; is there not a multitude of ideas from the awareness of that one reality?

Constraint is opportunity, from a creative point of view.  Take advantage of your limitations, for both fun and profit! 


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