Practicing delight

One of the symptoms of depression is an inability to enjoy things that previously used to delight you.  The healthy, natural way is to be susceptible to the charms of at least some things in life.  Something most people don’t consider, however, is that the capacity for delight – like intelligence – can be cultivated and enlarged.

As we reach adolescence and then adulthood, I believe each of us should exercise our ability to be delighted.  The seriousness of growing up and joining the business world would seem contrary to this directive, and indeed, for the most part, we do not encourage such lighthearted development.  And what we end up with is a paranoid, oppressed, and underproductive workforce. 

How is delight cultivated?  Practice, of course.  Such daily activities as focusing on the tiny things that please you, allowing yourself to dwell on any encounter you may have with beauty, taking the time to thoroughly appreciate a good meal, a thoughtful gesture, a clever solution; all these kinds of practices will increase your capacity for enjoyment.

We can dwell in bliss if we set our energies to it! 

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