Ah, basketball!

t1_0316_unc_ap.jpgt1_0316_unc_ap.jpgt1_0316_unc_ap.jpgMy team just won the ACC championship!  I love basketball.  What a truly impeccable expression of physical capabilities. 

As we cultivate creativity in personal life and business, we can learn a lot from watching college basketball.  The innocence and raw passion of the players starts us off at a high level of excitement; then the process pits this wild energy against a set of stringent rules.  The inherent tension sets up gripping drama that’s then played out to our immense entertainment through the course of the game.  Might and agility spar with strategy and sportsmanship, a breathtaking balance of strength and decorum.

Such is the stuff of creative business practice, as well.  The truly lively enterprise is the one that juggles the rules and iconoclasm, giving absolute power to neither alone, fully respecting the uses of each, and seeking equilibrium through working synthesis of realities and possibilities.


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