Defining the problem

I attended a local Chamber of Commerce meeting yesterday instead of posting.  It was a worthwhile expenditure of time, in that I may have located one or two business leads.  It’s not easy doing that kind of cold networking, especially early in the morning, but it has its rewards.  One’s daily routine becomes so entrenched that an unusual schedule seems an imposition.

It’s pathetic, really.  We cling so fondly to who we think we are, but the reality is that we can become someone different with the tiniest effort.

Jen at IdeaSpace wrote yesterday about solving problems.  The best way to locate new solutions when you’re stumped is 1) figure out a new way to define the problem and 2) realize the lens through which you normally view the problem and look at it through a new and different lens.  In other words, do not take your perceptions and definitions for granted!  They can change – and very fast, if you’re open to it.  Start with the foundation when faced with a difficult challenge: take plenty of time to define the problem from every angle before rushing in with tried and untrue quick fixes.

The group I joined yesterday morning is composed of traditional thinkers, for the most part.  Will have to try to rattle some cages as we continue to meet.


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