Business and THE FEMALE

I grew up with sisters, no brothers, and though my own child is male, I still have many moments of utter disconnection with the male of the species.  My wonderful honey, for example, has no idea where it hurts when he’s sick: he just feels bad, and leaves it at that.  Or if he has a disagreement with his partner, it’s never an option to talk it out, one simply lets time callous over the injury.   I’ve had male bosses who will suffer huge losses rather than get to the root of interpersonal problems.

It’s a sort of Klingon thing, our inherited culture of mastery and dominance making such phenomena as tenderness and sensitivity verbotten in the most highly respected power circles. 

It doesn’t work anymore, of course.  Our world is now so complex that we must admit to all subtleties of the human condition or lose miserably in the business arena.  The female influence at very long last is taking hold and transforming the ways we structure working world relationships and decision-making. 

How do you synthesize efficient production with a dedicated attention to personal health and growth of your staff?  The revived respect for female viewpoints makes the job of management much more complex; but also, ultimately, much more profitable because it creates work scenarios featuring well-adjusted, confident, and energetic employees.

A particularly world-changing aspect of the power of the female in business is the value placed on listening.  I’m going to focus on this capacity over the next few days here, to get a better hold on what is meant by the term.


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