Listening and emptiness

In my post the other day, I identified listening as an essentially female characteristic.  Allow me to clarify:  it is a characteristic of the female, and the female as well as the male exist in varying measure within each of us.  A business that values listening values its female-ness but is not necessarily run by the fairer sex.

Listening is female in that it is emptying out of self, allowing an inner hollowness so that information can freely flow.  In order to be a good listener, you have to silence yourself, and your crazy monkey thoughts.  You have to have enough confidence in existence to let yourself be an open receptacle without fear of annihilation.  You have to see yourself in context with your surroundings, a puzzle piece but not the whole picture.  You have to be continuously open and compassionate.

Did you read “A True Story About a Chair?”    While the industry analysts pull their hair out over how to solve company issues, a lone woman from the communications department returns to simple basics of listening, and rocks the business world. 

Listening requires dedicated ongoing practice in quieting yourself.  Bear in mind the important truth: we are given two ears and just one mouth so that we may listen twice as much as we speak!

Tomorrow, I’ll wrap up the week with specific ways your business can listen.


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