So the government’s giving us all a handout.  Does it seem a little like bribery to you?  Like sticking a bandaid on a heart attack? 

I’m no economic expert, but I sure do wonder where all this money comes from and how come it’s not being applied to our national debt or any of the other piteously crying needs.  Of course, I’m also totally against the lottery and other forms of sanctified hoodwinking.  Who do they think we are?  They throw us a bone and expect it to placate our complaints.  They think we’re too stupid to know the difference.

The fact is, we are pretty stupid and happily accept these handouts and then happily spend them and even forget our disgust with the ruling party for a while.  We are sheep, and we will do anything for money.  We’ve still not managed to find any greater motivation.  And while we play with our new toys, gas prices continue to rise, the Iraqi war goes on, people continue to starve the world over, and what the hell is happening with the ridiculous health insurance question?

Take a peek at Seth Godin’s blog today.  Our laziness, as a people, endangers business and the economy; but its worst impact is on our own worth as human beings and thus our own personal happiness. 

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  1. wanderer7 on

    money circulates … but when it does, someone always takes a cut. In this case, that would be the government.

    they have a vested interest in keeping people poor and dependent.

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