Here’s a quick tip before we get serious about the work week.  It’s not easy getting up on Mondays, facing the long haul ahead, abruptly transitioning from Sunday’s ease to the ruthless pace and responsibilities of the work week.

There are several things I’ve learned as an adult that I can’t for the life of me figure out why they didn’t teach me early on.  For example, the color wheel – why isn’t this a given in elementary education?  And of course sex education is another.  But a less-mentioned biggie that is inexplicably ignored in upbringing is how to breathe.

We’re always told to take a deep breath when things are too intense, when we need to refresh any situation.  And we fill our chest with air, tightening up our shoulders, cutting off cirulation to the brain.  It helps to do this in that everything stops for a second, but the breath itself actually brings on more tension.

The directive should not be ‘Take a deep breath,’ but simply ‘Exhale!’  The inhale takes care of itself, but if you switch focus in a difficult situation to a complete, unobstructed exhale you will find relief.  Keep this little tip with you through this Monday, and let me know how it works for you!


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