Tree observations

Consider trees.  Here are a few observations.

1.  Some trees become very large and dominate the landscape.  They are strong and beautiful, but we must not forget that the smaller trees around them are kept in subjugation by the big tree’s glory.  And a big tree that stands alone is lovely but lonely.

2.  Trees branch and fractile, just as we are required to do in life.  Our global world encourages nothing if not spreading the word – about you, your business, your attitudes.  But you’ll notice that the twigs and flowers gracing the tips of branches are not possible without a strong and well-established trunk.

3.  Trees are naturally gorgeous, inviting, interesting, protecting, and endearing.  But all the parts of a tree that we appreciate most are mere decoration, and the vital, true life of the tree exists underground.  Hidden from sight, buried in darkness, the roots are the ultimate truth of the tree.  All the above-ground showy stuff can disappear, but the tree will live on if the roots remain strong.

What do trees tell you about your life? 

2 comments so far

  1. Lavaflower on

    Remember that the leaves are necessary, too, at least part of the year for the tree to be able to feed itself. I heard recently that complete defoliation during the normal growing season two years in a row will cause the tree to starve and die. So I’m not sure what that does to your observation….

    Trees tell me that I don’t stand still often enough to see what’s really going on.

  2. maryhruth on

    An astute observation, Lavaflower! So indeed branching and fractiling are biological imperatives.
    A deep bow to you for your acute tree listening!

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