Branding and compassion

“When you treat people with respect, acknowledgment, and genuine positive reinforcement, you significantly increase the odds of creativity — and by extension, innovation — flourishing in your organization.”  So said Mitch Ditkoff a few days ago on his Heart of Innovation blog.

Branding of any kind is about sharing with others; it’s a function of communication.  It is not, however, about bragging or sharing yourself in the sense of shoving your personality down other people’s throats.  It’s really about sharing your capacity to be compassionate.  It’s the reputation you’ve earned for the level at which you’re able to help others.

As accomplished and marvelous as I may be, the only thing of real interest to anyone else is how well I can share the benefits of my prowess.  My achievements that can be duplicated by others or that serve to aid and comfort others are the ones that really count.

Ditkoff’s point goes even a little futher, however, in saying that it is possible to bring the sources of inspiration closer, to make innovation part of your everyday business, by establishing a culture of mutual “respect, acknowledgement and … positive reinforcement.”  I suggest that likewise, a worker wanting to strengthen personal branding does well to start with a strong dedication to supporting others.  Even if this doesn’t come naturally to you, as you practice compassion you’ll become infinitely more aware of what makes you tick.


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  1. Tim Rueb on

    “Branding of any kind is about sharing with others; it’s a function of communication. ” – umm, nope.

    Branding is the ability to create an identity. It is how others see, think, or feel about you. (if we are talking about branding an individual)

    Now many of the items you mention may attribute to your brand, that is fine. But it is in the mind of the person that is looking at you or considering your services that this information is stored.

    If there were 100 virtual assistance sitting in a room and you could only pick one to hire, no interviews, just pick one, the strength of your brand would be used to single you out.

    You see, we all have a brand, some of us just work harder at making sure it’s firmly planted in the minds that matter.

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