Mulberry pie

I try to take a long walk about three times a week, or daily if possible. I have a committed meditation practice. I’m a first-time grandmother as of the past six months. And this weekend, I made a mulberry pie.

The pie, simply the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in years, was filled with the fruit of a huge tree in our yard. Each year it produces, of course, and heretofore, the berries have just fallen to the ground and fed the birds or fertilized the grass. This year, finally, we humans benefitted from their sweetness as well. This was possible because I now actually have the time to harvest them. Finally, after more than 50 years in this vale of tears, I am able to actually smell the roses.

While this is an awesome liberation, it’s tinged with sadness because of all the years when I kept these natural pleasures at bay because work was more important than anything else. It’s perhaps a function of personal branding: as I have developed my allegiances and revised my methods to more closely align with my inner self, some things that were previously dispensible have become central to life.

Big business owners can’t do much with such an attitude. People who care deeply about such things as mulberry pie and meditating are no use to corporations. But the problem is, can the rewards offered by the corporation come anywhere close to those available through careful development of personal branding? Probably not. So the corporations must adapt to keep up with the individual, and follow the dictates of personal soul, or drown in the rush of human evolution.

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