Mitch Ditkoff, Heart of Innovation, offered this the other day:

“A person who is fascinated does not need to be motivated… or managed… or ‘incentivized.’ All that person needs is time, some resources, meaningful collaboration, and periodic reality checks from someone who understands what fascination is all about … the root of innovation is fascination.”

There it is, folks. The understanding we are newly gaining, the truth of human nature that is already far down the road towards the dissolution of industrialism and hierarchical business structures. Instead of relying on money as the ultimate goal, we find that our own individual souls provide the true source of inexhaustible motivation. Once discovered, no substitute will suffice.

Of course, the problem remains that we have generally lost (misplaced?) our connection to fascination. Our social structures for the most part encourage suppressing our quirky little obsessions. Our challenge is to learn to pay attention to them, cultivate them, find our meaning and purpose through them. Use them to benefit the world. We will soon be teaching the skill of such self-knowledge in every arena, in schools and businesses and governments, on the streets and in our homes.

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  1. Victoria on

    Over the weekend we had an activity with kids and the outsoors. This post applies to it in so many ways.

    May I repost parts of this in the documentation?
    It’s going to show up here:

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