Yelling vs. passion

Bob Hoffman’s guest post at CopyBlogger a few days ago was an outrageous statement going against the tide of popular opinion, yet evidencing truth that we can’t deny. Naomi Dunford applauds him, and so do I. Especially for his pithy revelation that the internet, as a marketing tool, is fast becoming just like television as a marketing tool: “People with stuff yelling at people with money.” Thank God someone finally said it.

The ultimate point is, there are no shortcuts. You and your business will grow and flourish in direct proportion to your heartfelt passion for what you’re doing. No amount of marketing dollars or tricks or blitzes can by itself be productive. Get out there and yell your head off, the return will be short lived at best. Sustainable success originates in our hearts, not in our cleverness or internet savvy.

Awesome potential for deeper and broader communications is certainly available through the ‘net. The resource, however, is a two-edged dagger. Communication methods must not be mistaken for communicated messages. It is the latter that matters, whether scrawled out in longhand on parchment or digitized for instant visibility.

Naomi summarizes thusly: “Stop trying to “harness the power of social media” and start solving problems. Solve real problems and you have a license to print money.”

Naomi’s passion is indisputable, and she certainly has a powerful way of voicing it.

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