Monday is a day for prioritizing.  There’s a cool church sign near here that says, “You always have time for what you put first.”  Taking a minute to think about, or better write down, your priorities for the week will make you feel better about everything.  You’ll have defined your short-term goals, and your ensuing actions can have purpose and confidence.

If you apply just one more minute to considering your list of priorities, you can benefit immeasurably more.  Besides being the things you must do, are the items on your list the things you wish to do?  Do they further your life goals?  Are they in service to your deepest beliefs? 

If they are not these things, why are you spending time on them?  If you can’t connect all your actions in some way to your ultimate goals, consider rearranging your priorities.  Remember, as the week begins, what truly belongs at the top of your list.


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