Time Out

If you’ve been following this particular set of posts, you know I’ve been looking at ways of awakening personal creativity.  I would do the proper thing here, and provide links to all the various related writings, but in looking at the list of them, I see that nearly all touch on this subject.  So if you’re a new browser here, just start at the beginning and work up. 

I’ve mentioned listening, appreciating, doodling, and many more simple techniques.  And today, the technique I’ll both name and employ is that of doing nothing.

Sitting here poised to write this entry, I’m bursting with things to say, and bolloxed about where to begin.  Somehow, though the tank is full, the ignition’s not working.  Feeling pressured to get other business done, to meet work obligations, I’m clearly not capable of succinct communication here at the moment.

Surely this happens to many of you.  You find yourself stalled, for no obvious reason.  How wonderful that there’s a way to manage these lapses.  Simply do nothing!  Sign off, be still, go away, take a recess, stare at a wall.  I’m here to inform you that, despite any external pressure, it’s ok to take time out.  More than that, it’s a healing and productive thing to do in many instances.

Stopping to smell the roses is not just for retirees.  It’s absolutely key to successful living.


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