Consider movement.  The lustful straining of the seed towards the egg; the slow plod from ignorance to skill; the innocent wind rocking the trees; getting up and going on a Monday morning.  Everything begins with movement.

Studying a few of the core physical realities surrounding us can be liberating, and help distract us from ourselves.  Contemplating the bare wonder of sight or hearing or touch can lead to amazing insights.  No element of our existence is more powerful, however, than movement.  Losing yourself in the dance of anything is a sure way to creative insight.

Observe interactions around the office, the body language that is so revealing.  Watch people on the street and listen to the flow of their movement.  Contemplate a natural scene in terms of what is moving.  Watch television with the sound off.  As you sit reading this, slowly clench one fist and then release it, tuning in to the fine points of muscular action and concommitant emotional response.

Because of this essential value of movement, we’ve come to understand that physical fitness makes a huge difference to mental and emotional states.  A day that includes a nice long walk and a few yoga stretches is inevitably a happier and more aware day for me.  Touching back in on the foundational wellspring of movement ensures a brighter creative outlook.

A fun recent post by Mitch Ditkoff is the results of their poll asking when and where people get most of their creative ideas.  Check it out and see how many people seek movement when looking for new ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re outrageously out of shape and king of the couch potatoes.  Take advantage of your ability to move, if it’s only a finger lift to start with.  Let the mysteries of movement penetrate, sway, and entertain you.  Even on a Monday morning, you’ll find yourself refreshed.

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