Sick days

Ooooohkay, there’s no denying it.  Sometimes Life intervenes.

Sometimes, despite your sublime motivations, keen attention, and faithful executions the heavy hand of Nature holds you down.  I woke way too early yesterday, stumbled off to give a major presentation in a total daze, and then returned to my couch to crash for the rest of the day with a bilious stomach and other unmentionable disorders of the intestinal variety.   Yuk.  No matter what your conviction and intentions, the only thing to do in such instances is surrender.

It’s a reminder of several important things to me:

All my thought and effort, no matter how enlightened, is always in progress and never achieves ultimate truth.

Surrender is the essence of human progress.  Mostly we command, control, and otherwise manipulate the life that surrounds us, but it’s only in surrender that we encounter ultimate power and meaningfully move forward.

My friend blogs about the continual balance we must maintain between body and spirit.  Not only is care for your physical being imperative, but physicality is a force demanding proper worship, love, and tenderness.  Getting in shape doesn’t mean you can forget the constraints of the body; rather, it means letting your corporal self have a say, and respecting its dictates.

Going in to your job when you’re sick, pushing yourself to perform when the body only wants to rest, or even spending your sick time angry that you’re so incapacitated are all worthless pursuits.  The mysteries of physical being are best placated by quiet attention, by abdicating control.  Doctors and bosses attempt to persuade us that illness can be managed, but don’t let them fool you.  Illness is a powerful teacher that drops in to give you a lesson superceding the dictates of jobs and other practical authorities.  Listen quietly, be patient, practice allowing.  The sickness is not an interruption, it is an opportunity.


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  1. Kristine on

    Mary, It sounds like you are truly in flow and handling your illness with your usual grace. I hope you feel better soon (and that Monday’s lunch wasn’t the culprit)! XOXO K.

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