Finding your Voice

In my last post, I recommended bringing back to work with you some of the sweetness of the holiday.  Keeping close to the heart the small joys you experience when your time is your own will greatly ease the pressures of work life.  The little treasure I am cherishing today is singing.

Yes, singing.  Do you remember what it is to sing a song?  Some of you practice music daily, but the vast majority most likely never sing.  Maybe you listen to music all the time, but that’s still entirely different from making your own music.  If you go to church, perhaps you sing once a week, which is a whole lot more than most.  

Considering that using vocal chords to produce musical sounds is a human birthright, it’s pretty amazing how rarely we Americans exercise this capability.  Ask almost any adult to sing a ditty and they will refuse for fear of embarrassment.  Singing, it appears, is going the way of poetry – relegated to the refuse heap of all things impractical, profound, and mysterious – the saddest waste of our civilization.

But let me not dwell on this shameful loss; rather I propose a counter-revolution.  Consider dedicating to the rediscovery of your soul’s music.  There are ample opportunities for singing in daily life, and you don’t have to sing loudly.  Start out with a quiet whistling if your vocal chords seem dormant.  Or just hum.  Sing the tune that’s in your head, or the last song on the radio, or anything you just make up note by note.  As you become more used to allowing this expression, you’ll even find it possible to sing out loud in front of others.

And please note: you do not have to have “a nice voice,” or be able to sing on key.  Singing in order to improve your quality of life has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your voice.  It’s only about using the abilities with which you were born to define and appreciate your ultimate purpose in life.

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