“I’m convinced that this is how the “Law of Attraction” really works. Great stuff doesn’t show up because you focus on it. You’re just able to suddenly perceive all the great stuff that’s always been right in front of you, because you focus on it.”

Sonia Simone  penned these words a few days ago.  It’s an excellent interpretation if you ask me.  The wildly popular Law of Attraction teaching is far more subtle than its preachers would lead you to believe.  The idea is often presented as a souped-up wish upon a star when it’s in actuality an intense discipline for mature adults only.

Focus is what it’s all about, and we’ve been working at developing our individual focus since we started kindergarten.  Surely a great many of us die without ever attaining powerful focus, having been distracted by ten thousand things.  We focus variously on making the grades, finding a lover, securing a job, making more money, and all those expected life achievements.  We focus when we need to and otherwise dabble.  When immediate needs are taken care of, focus glazes over.

Focusing on opening, on getting past your assumptions, prejudices, and fears, on constantly widening your perspective to include much more in your awareness than is habitual — this is the kind of focus Simone refers to.  It’s the same practice yogis and contemplatives have espoused for ages.  It’s about getting out of your own way so that you have access to all the wonders around you.

You may use the Law of Attraction to organize your thinking so that your business is more successful.  Understand, though, that this discipline of thought organization – i.e., focus – leads far beyond mundane materialism.  Opening to the gifts that are everywhere available if you can perceive them is doing business with eternal life.


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