Please draw

Are all you business leaders, managers, and salespeople out there aware of Dan Roam’s new book, The Back of the Napkin?  I listened to a panel discussion with this author and several others, though I’ve not yet read the book.  Today, I’m suggesting that anyone involved in commerce who could use a new approach should pick this one up.

The nugget of brilliance at the heart of Roam’s manifesto is that we are visual beings and that we respond with unprecendented engagement to pictures.   If this seems an obvious notion, why is it that our adult world traffics so little in pictorial communications?  We may surround ourselves with visuals, pictures on the wall, cool screensavers, movies.  But we seldom if ever use our human capability to draw. 

It’s one of my main rags in life, that we so rarely cultivate our natural gifts: our abilities to move, and sing, and draw.  So it’s truly heartening when the urgings of so many creativity experts are ratified in the business world through vehicles like Roam’s book.  Future civilizations will look back at this time as one when humanity at last began to realize its full potential.  The progress made possible by the wheel’s invention is minor compared to the evolution we will achieve through full use of our natural capabilities.

Roam’s idea, in a way, is a simplification of the mind map; it’s not a new concept, but it’s presented in a nicely accessible form through the book.  Would you like your business challenges to be a little easier to handle, your relations a little deeper and more fun, your communications more clear, your progress more obvious?  A great place to start is with your own visualizing; just pick up a pen and start making marks.


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  1. […] but do not automatically add to your power in the world.  You may, for instance, broadcast the benefits of using drawing in business communications, but you must not expect that anyone will be able to hear you.  The lack of popular understanding […]

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