Business and drawing again

One more post about business and drawing.  It’s strange even to look at those two words together.  Our society makes easy connections between business and writing or speaking, business and science or math, business and research or analysis.  But referring to business and drawing sounds to us like combining seriousness with play, and how can that be a valid endeavor?

At this time of global shifts in everything, it’s appropriate to change up all our assumptions: to play with our seriousness and to be serious about our play.  Marketing’s concern is the whole person of its clientele, the heart and soul of customers as much as their intelligence.  Using traditional tools and approaches in marketing and problem solving limits the choices unacceptably:  our perceptions must widen far beyond  technical parameters and encompass factors that seem at first glance to be only distantly related to our issue.  Allowing ourselves to perceive this wider and more detailed picture brings us into contact with possibilities heretofore hidden from us. 

Using drawing – or shall we just call it making marks – puts us directly in touch with possibility, and a way of perceiving that makes accessible a new kind of objectivity and analysis.  The practice can be applied by the individual to dissect an issue or meaningfully use down time; it can be used between two people to assist in finding common ground and to clarify communications; and it can be used in groups to boost engagement and simplify teamwork. 

Though radical, this concept is not at all fanciful.  I picture people routinely slipping into mark-making as they converse, having become habituated to accessing this non-linear way of perceiving.  We have been imprisoned by our left-brainedness, and we will discover new worlds of possibility by loosening those bonds through drawing.


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