Contrasting worlds

I had an hour to waste in town yesterday, so visited the library which is always foolhardy since I have very little time to read. Nonetheless, I signed out a book – Pico Iyer’s recent biography of the Dalai Lama. And, in a lazy mood last night, I sat down with the volume and soon was captivated. So this Friday’s thought for the weekend relates to His Holiness and the heroic role he plays in our world. If not for my general disgust with the current regime, I would have posted the photo of him with George Bush, to show the excruciating contrast in these two world powers. Contrast is the Dalai Lama’s daily gruel; of all sentient beings alive today, perhaps he knows best the terror and salvation that dwell simultaneously at the heart of contradictory realities.

Consider the existence of contrast in your own life, in your own business. Consider the extremes of possibility and your courage in making choices. Consider that every single thing you do aligns with one end or the other of the contrast spectrum, either protecting what you already have or breaking out of the known in order to grow. Consider, especially, how awareness of contrast will not make you a happier person, but it will make you wise and – over time – allow you to find peace with your place on the continuum.


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