Living creatively

What does it mean to practice creativity every day? We’re not all professional artists, we’re mostly very busy people with our time co-opted by making the sale, making the grade, making the plane or the connection. We may be vaguely amused by the plethora of self-help suggestions available everywhere, but we’re really too seriously adult to dabble in such distractions. Isn’t it telling, though, that we’re involved in all this ‘making.’

Living creatively is about how we approach all our makings. Do we live in a world of requirements or one of opportunities? Are we motivated by material gain or by the promise of peace? Do we progress through narrowing self-absorption or through widening compassion?

Dune Rudhyar said it decades ago: “To create is only to reveal what essentially is.” This essence is what we seek. Creativity is not so much manifesting something new as revealing something heretofore hidden. And living creatively is living in that ongoing investigation into ‘what essentially is,’ a profound and unwavering devotion to truth.


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