Writing practice

Writing, of course, is a creative activity that’s easily accessible for daily practice.  Blogging, for instance.  Rather marvelous that in our fast-moving, materialistic times the technology has also brought us this method for slowing down and exploring the mysteries of life.  To take on the challenge of blogging is to commit to sustained dialogue with experience.  Being constantly on the alert for realities to share with readers is only the beginning; you are also constantly involved with your own reactions, your ability to express, and your willingness to plumb the depths of your subject beyond the obvious.

The benefits of keeping a journal are well known.  Such everyday reflection on experience provides a healthy distancing from the subject, which helps to put things in appropriate perspective. 

There are many ways to carry on a writing practice, from scribbled notes of thoughts and impressions as you go through your day, to the more formal disciplines of journaling and blogging.  Whatever form it takes, your writing must be a very regular practice to be useful as a creativity tool.  The ‘other’ represented by your notebook or text editor demands your deep devotion.  You have to practice enough to go beyond superficialities.  You must proceed to the very edge of your capacities and be willing to jump off the cliff.  Only then will your creativity come alive.

So it’s through the commitment to your creative practice that you reap benefits.  It’s no good to practice just on Thursdays, just when it’s convenient, just when you feel like it.  Sporadic creativity can be fun, but it’s a mere hors d’oeuvre, and will not energize.  You have to eat the whole meal to be truly nourished and satisfied. 

As usual, these thoughts are addressed to your personal self, but they are also addressed to your business.  The occasional show of creative endeavor is better than nothing.  But if your organization commits to creativity as a daily discipline, exponential progress is not only possible, but likely.


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