All hands on deck

In his teens, my son came up with many a thought or statement that shocked me; but one of the most unnerving was the proposition that the human form will morph with evolution to become more machine than flesh.  With Star Trek precedents, I guess it’s not so outrageous an imagining.  Will we soon have computers implanted in our brains?  Will mechanisms embedded here and there shield us from disease?  Will, indeed, our thinking become so convoluted that our bodies become obsolete?

These things are possible in the future, but for now, we still suspect that our humanity is even more precious than our mechanical/digital inventions.  I, and hopefully most of you, cherish the mysteries of the body, and seek to cultivate awareness that uses the knowing of ancient humanness as well as the instructions of current technologies.

Thus, this extended tribute to hands.  The subject of now three posts in a row, hands are truly an inexhaustible study.  Palmistry, for instance, may be intellectually dense, but consider the fact that the lines in your palms change over time and that your right and left palms differ significantly.  The hands are actually a repository of your life experience.

Consider touch.  I had a massage lately – the first time for me.  An excellent reminder of the value of hands.  Consider how we tend to at least subliminally judge people by their handshake.  Consider the worlds of violence and litigation perpetuated by improper touch; and the profound comfort available through your partner or child’s touch. 

Do you appreciate and cultivate the sensitivity of your hands?  Do you return to handiwork for solace and renewal?  Are you mindful of the knowing your hands possess, and are you willing to subject your mind to their guidance?


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  1. pegkd on

    Thanks for drawing attention to the ways our hands can change. And yes, it’s my assertion that the human touch isn’t going anywhere soon!


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