Walking and wanting

I think of you, dear blog, very often when I take a walk.  There’s a mile-and-a-half stretch I cover as a daily constitutional.  Of course, in addition to energizing me, the walk is all about opening to thought.  It’s the time of my day when whatever occurs mentally I take as significant, because it comes to me in a wide awake and active state.  You don’t try to think when walking, but ideas often alight on your consciousness of their own accord.  And I suppose, I frequently have ideas about blogging because it is here that I dance around the edges of my own story, my own truth.

It bothers me some that popular philosophy suggests you can be whatever you want to be.  Not that this is untrue, but as stated it hides the real emphasis.  It’s not that you can be anything, but that you can be whatever you want to be.  It’s the wanting that makes things happen.  And you have to want very intensely. 

Contemplating your own story, discovering it as you walk or otherwise go about your life with energy and an open mind, will reveal more clearly your deepest wants.  Allowing your actions to follow these very particular wants, as opposed to those wants that are superficial and fleeting, will bring you to lasting success. 

Generally, society approves only certain dreams, and encourages only certain kinds of success.  The media presents a meager few pictures of success in terms of power and money.  We’re rarely exposed to the stories of success that revolve around less flashy treasures.  But the ‘treasures of heaven’ that we shore up when in touch with our own specific story are those that endure eternally.

You can be whatever you want to be, perhaps, but it may be more accurate to say your wanting will manifest eventually.  You can speed up the process through vigorous physical movement, and by examining your own story as objectively as possible.  Discovering your truth is infinitely more real than manufacturing it.


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