Wednesday inertia

Isn’t it the 2nd law of thermodynamics that proves all things end up in entropy?  My dad was complaining yesterday that when he skips his walk for a day or two, it’s that much harder to do it.  We’ve all had this experience:  move even a short distance away from a good habit or practice and it becomes difficult to return.  The blood wants to coagulate, the body to rest.  Marketers and bloggers and teachers everywhere urge us to do things, to keep that energy pumping, but they rail against a basic law of nature.  Our ultimate biological tendency is towards inertia.

Personally, I believe indulging that inertia now and again is okay.  Life is a temporary condition, after all.  It’s ok to experience the nothingness of entropy now and then.  For the most part, though, as we continue to live and hope for happines, we have to maintain a solid defense against the tendency to ‘let it all go.’  Lots of people live just barely above the threshold, but the most fulfilled are active and full of energy.

It’s like the statement by one of my heros, Chris Zydel, creator extraordinaire, who recently said in a newsletter, “Engaging with your creative process ALWAYS wakes you up and even though our souls really do want that much genuine aliveness, it is also scary, so we will blithely waste our time and energy finding any number of ways of putting ourselves into a stupor.”

The opposite of stillness is movement.  Everything begins with movement.  Though we do well to cultivate the capacity to be still, our main challenge in life is movement.  If you are tending too much towards inertia, consider the benefit of movement for its own sake.  Bring a sport, or dancing, or any kind of vigorous physical activity into your life and it will energize everything for you.

Don’t be discouraged on a Wednesday if entropy appears to be advancing.  It’s natural enough, and since you are likely to go on living anyhow, you’ll resurface sooner or later.  You can indulge the temptation for a little while, but the sooner you get moving,  the healthier you’ll be.


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