Bailing out, digging in

Oh brother, we’re worried now.  There’s no more denying it.  Banks closing and stocks plunging indicate more than a harmless economic slump.  The events of this week (so far) are enough to cause mild panic, as in, gee maybe I should get my greenbacks back under my mattress. 

Certainly businesses are forced now to consider alternative approaches to marketing, and even survival.  My networking group yesterday was full of concern at the slowdown.  The same old PR tactics just aren’t turning up the clients anymore. 

From the long view, the scare is an excellent opportunity for growth.  We can shake off the dribble and dross of clever marketing, and return to the core value of what we are doing.  Do you believe your product or service is useful, helpful, a boon to humanity?  (It should be, and if it isn’t, perhaps you’ll want to look at doing something different.)  When sales are no longer produced by fancy tactics with clients dying to spend money, we can with relief return to the essential, real-life, direct convenience or comfort of the thing we produce.  We can work on improving it.  We can customize it to answer to real needs.

In short, we can ignore the selling and concentrate on the creativity.  This is the time to remember that money is a measure, not an end in itself.  The ultimate reason for your product or service is to assist your fellow man/woman, to increase the quality of life.  Now’s the moment to return to that core meaning of your work, to tweak it so that it performs to perfection; and even to extend its virtues to new applications, to dream of yet uninvented solutions.  In other words, to use this helplessness in the face of a failing national economy to return to essentials and thereby rediscover the true worth of our commerce.

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