Politics and perverts

With no good photos to entertain this Friday, I will write a word or two about a somewhat tangential reaction to last night’s vice-presidential debate. 

Though my vote is light years from being swayed, I’m proud of that Republican witch.  She’s powerful, frighteningly so.  She’s no bimbo.  She’s not a deep thinker, her logic is entirely along traditional conservative lines and thus she is not likely to effect real changes for us.  But she’s not stupid, either, and that’s a source of relief and restored confidence in our system.

But here’s my problem:  Very unfortuantely, before the debate, I read a blog comment that lewdly suggested the writer would be watching the proceedings while fantasizing about sex with Palin (the actual verbiage used was nowhere near as civilized).  And while the political contenders were in action, I could not keep from my thoughts the wrenching truth that such a woman can never be taken in all seriousness, can never be universally respected, will always be a source of derision and obscene mis-use simply because so many human beings remain slaves to sexual appetite and are willing to degrade any person or situation with their lascivious droolings.

I know it’s way uncool to harp about sex addictions; we’re supposed to take them for granted and be blase about it.   I can’t get there.  The offense, the perpetual violence of it, the harsh, harsh truth that no woman can be fully respected (or even heard, for that matter), because a hefty portion of the male audience will remain spellbound by their dicks; all this brings me to the brink of despair.  Perhaps worse, it enrages me, and I find it truly difficult to muster any compassion for these “enemies.”

What male politician has had to face such an insurmountable barrier?  Sarah Palin is lovely, and works well with the camera.  Though I completely disagree with her opinions, I respect her for voicing them well.  And I pity her and all women who seek to effect change in this world but are routinely diminished by smug perverts.


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