What now?

Well, what’s next?  It’s a gorgeous fall Monday, the weekend football was victorious, the lawn work got nicely accomplished.  But we return to the working world today with a low-level, insistent anxiety.  Things are different.  Our highest power, our federal government has done what it can to rescue commerce, and the rest is up to us.

Since almost no one has a comprehensive understanding of the economy, and the average Joe’s understanding is miniscule, ‘the people’ can have little sense of power in the current economic dilemma.  Many analyses suggest that we’ll be a long time pulling out of this hole.  Other than bailouts based on speculation and a vague promise of tightened regulations, the feds can’t do much for us.  Somehow, through the considerable fog, we ourselves have to find the solutions.

In my struggling little brain, when challenged by the unknown, it seems the best solution is to adhere to those things you know to be simple, true, and good.  So for each one of us, in our lives and businesses, the choices we make over the next many months must be limited by these bounds.  Being simple means to avoid anything that’s overly complex.  Being true means implementing that which has a proven success record.  Being good means considering the wider implications of your actions in every instance, and seriously limiting the risks you take.

An insistence on steadiness, a refusal to move too fast, a rejection of anything smacking of ‘get rich quick,’ and a firm committment to authenticity should take us a significant way back to financial comfort.  That word, authenticity, bears further examination, which I’ll tackle in subsequent posts.


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