The media is making much of the several cases of suicide or murder-suicide that have popped up around the US in the wake of the mortgage bust.  Though hardly in alarming numbers, there are instances of Americans so devastated by the loss of their homes or jobs that death has seemed the only alternative.

The reaction is certainly over the top when we consider the abysmal poverty endured all their lives by so many fellow humans.  So many millions who will never have their own home, who never even have enough to eat. 

There was one time in my life when I had to pinch pennies in order to afford another meal.  I swore never to go there again.  There were opportunities enough, so that I could keep to my vow ever since.  For so many of my brothers and sisters on this earth plane, such opportunities are nowhere to be found.  They experience the humiliation, ultimate emptiness and desperation of hunger every day.

It’s hard to understand why we don’t eliminate hunger when the world’s resources are still sufficient to feed us all.  Any explanations are impossibly complex.  But there are mechanisms for caring and sharing, organizations we can support who work tirelessly at destroying the hunger monster. 

It’s my suspicion that hunger exists because of unenlightened leadership.  If the leaders are helpless, it falls to individuals to follow their hearts.


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