Imagine a web as big as the universe.  The spider may or may not still lurk at its edges, but we can surely sense the web itself.  We experience tiny moments of empathy that fleetingly reveal the connections.  We know that fluctuations in our American economy affect all other parts of the world: but we also are coming to see that the psychic condition of fellow humans affects us as well.  We’re connected, physically, psychically, spiritually. 

Thus everything we do has impact on the entire web.  The choices we make warp and shape the universal matrix.  The beliefs we maintain color it, the hope we hold determines its nature, the extent of our compassion unveils its light.

If we choose to ignore the web, pursuing an individual glory in isolation, believing that by ourselves we can succeed and feeling disconnected from those who fail; if we see life as competition, with winners and losers, then we create the world as we currently know it, and continue to deal with the heartbreak of foreclosures, wars, and oppression.

If, however, we open up our perspective to get a grip on the universal web, we learn to apply a whole new standard of measurement.  Suddenly we are no longer in exile, battling out our solitary way.  A new reality opens up, one in which the blessed creature known as humankind interfaces with eternity every day.  Such intimate relationship with creation sparks personal creativity:  and in nurturing, exploring, exploiting, and sharing creativity, we can realize our Joy.

Halloween’s a contradictory sort of tradition:  the combination of fun and sweet candy with ghouls, darkness, and death makes little sense.  We string up spider webs to augment the atmosphere of fear and entrapment.  It’s an entirely different thing to see webs as opportunities, as havens of connectedness and comfort.  Still, the metaphor’s potent:  in modern times, we have shunned the life-giving interconnectedness of our web, and viewed our fellow humans as problems or threats but seldom as the other end of our very own thread of web.  The first new perception on the road to finding your Joy is this: that the web of existence includes us all in equal measure, and we – all humans and perhaps all sentient beings – are in every way utterly dependent on one another.


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