Land of the free and home of the brave

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Election Day!  It’s raining hard, but we will stand in line and suffer for the glorious hope this day brings us.  In my memory, I have seldom been on the winning side in these contests: for once, it is a source of enormous optimism that the popular mind seems to be seeing things my way. 

We may only get this one chance to have a say every four years, but it is the beginning of everything.  We set the intention for our country on voting day, and thinking people know that setting the intention is the seminal action from which all else follows.  And our intention this time around is about transparency, curbing greed, and being courageous enough to passionately commit to change.

It’s a day of optimism, a day to dream about a better world.  A day to take huge pride in America’s ability to perceive alternatives and move forward with renewed energy.


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