Presidential doodles

Wow.  What a lot of fun …’s story this morning about presidential doodles.  Check it out.  Obama is a caricaturist!  Now, we know this guy is really smart, but who knew he was an artist?  Actually, these are very advanced, almost not what one would call doodles.  Still, they were apparently produced in that distracted state of usual doodling, which takes place as one listens to something entirely unrelated, such as a speaker at a meeting.  They came, in other words, from Obama’s subconscious; and as such, they reveal that his subconscious is extraordinarily organized.

In contrast, the CNN story made fun of Palin’s messy scribbles.  It also briefly showed the doodles of past presidents.  Apparently, there’s a book that has collected these souveniers.  I’ll have to look it up.

Of course, the story goes a long way towards proving my deep belief in the benefits of doodling.  Perhaps, rather than using the words of a politician to judge their worth, we should look hard at their doodles.  I wonder what McCain’s style is. 

It’s not that drawing excellence, or precision, or organization is necessary in doodling.  But a page of scribbles from any individual, created while their attention was on something else, will reveal with absolute honesty the state of their inner being. 

It appears that, in electing Barack Obama, we have for once made a choice for someone whose inner being reflects all the sense and sensitivity of the outer man.


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