UFOs and Thanksgiving

The other day, CNN featured a video of fine upstanding pillars-of-communities who join the ranks of those who have spotted UFOs.  One of them, an accomplished pilot, was asked why our exposure is so rare; why, if aliens are interested in us and visiting regularly, don’t they just come in and take over?  The answer offered was that this mature, thinking man is not sure they haven’t already done so!

If you have kids, you may suspect the truth of this possibility.  Sometimes the sensibilities and motivations of young folk seem alien indeed.  Where do they get their crazy ideas?  How is it that my 20-something son and his cohorts have ideas about economy, religion, lifestyle, and ambition that seem to be from outer space?  This example is only partly tongue-in-cheek; I admit to being entirely of two minds on the subject.  I don’t really think my son’s an alien, but then again ….

Considering the likelihood of life on other worlds seriously helps in putting your priorities in order.  If existence encompasses much more than the flotsam and jetsam of this planet – if beings and societies can flourish under completely different circumstances than we know – our standards of measure can change exponentially.   The range of possibilities explodes.  Material wealth, keeping up with the Joneses and the trends, and getting control over your personal empire all shrink to puny endeavors.  Racism, political domination, religious wars, partisan bickering, and the desperation of housewives suddenly become worthless wastes of time.  If we’re not alone in the Universe, we can finally perceive our Narcissism, and let it go.

Thanksgiving’s my most favorite celebration for many reasons.  This year, it works its wonders with special grace and power, I think, because of the economic trouble we’re experiencing.  When stripped of wealth and other indulgences, you can see more clearly the blessings all around, the ones you did not earn or create, the ones that are freely and naturally given.  Like thinking about visits from Martians, this year’s giving of thanks can open the mind and free the imagination – an unbeatable Return on Investment!


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