Mary H. Ruth, owner of Virtual Writing & Communications Solutions, a virtual assistant business. 
                    Please visit my website at http://www.asthemoonclimbs.com

 I came to virtual assistance through thirty-three years in the semi-real world, working mostly in arts administration with multiple additional work experience that supported my nonprofit habit.  Started out, centuries ago, in the theater – and I still recommend it as the perfect training ground for useful service to society.

Which is why this blog, really.  In business I am fascinated by the questions of leadership, planning, and organizational development.  I can also maintain a mean database.  Beyond the strict confines of business, the central questions that lure me focus on creativity and the awareness that comes from meditation practices.  So I expect all this to be intertwined as these writings progress.

The very best outcome of this madness would be that a dialogue would start rolling, so I plan to be as evocative as possible.

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  1. Naomi on

    I love where you’re coming from!! Thank you for the clarity.

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