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Wall Street and You

While current Wall Street shenanigans may be shocking and scary, the repercussions for everyday people are hard to identify at this point.  Various analyses are speculative:  the most helpful article I read was from Time magazine, comparing us to France, and suggesting that, “In bailing out mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, our government has basically turned America into the largest subsidized housing project in the world.” 

The scope of the bedlam is apparent when you think how we Americans won’t ensure that everyone has equal access to healthcare, but the government confidently and immediately takes over when big finance takes sick.  In other words, we are quick to defend money, leaving human (and environmental) wellbeing to fend for itself.  Is it really helpful to tend to your finances while leaving your body sick and your environment polluted?

Creativity is a mindset, one that arranges priorities in a way wholly opposed to traditional capitalist instincts.  Creativity is about discovering baseline truths, human (as opposed to economic) realities, and ultimate motivations.  Creativity busts the box to smithereens and introduces us to a whole new set of ambitions that have more to do with personal salvation than with the survival of Wall Street.  And which of these goals do you care more about?

If your income is threatened by the current fiasco, consider facing at long last your humanity, your reason for being, the gifts you can share that are not dependent on a fat wallet.  These may be tough times economically, but they represent as well a fantastic opportunity for personal growth.  More on this as the week progresses ….