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Spreading the (blogging) wealth

I admitted yesterday that this blog tends to the ponderous if not the downright lugubrious.  It’s my nature to immediately seek the deep meaning, and it’s my conviction that the human race has a challenging mandate to evolve, and I do tend to drive that point with a heavy hand. 

All this means I have but a few readers.  Folks generally don’t traffic in this kind of seriousness.  I bear responsibility, though, and seek to be more practical, specific, maybe even fun in upcoming posts.  But whether or not I can achieve this, I would like to join up with more readers and commenters who also feel the call of a new life and transformed perspective as we progress into a murky future.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind harangues from people who think I’m an idiot.  It just would be nice to know someone’s out there picking up a vibe or two.

To this end, I’ve signed up at Chuck Westbrook’s blog, to participate in his marvelous campaign to boost blogs with tiny audiences.  Organizing a few hundred of us crazed scribes, Chuck is focusing us on a series of under-appreciated bloggers, giving them each in turn a week or two of sizeable readership.  It’s a fabulous, truly helpful, and generous idea.  Thank you, Chuck!

And tomorrow, I promise, a close encounter with JOY.