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For various reasons, yesterday was unsettling:  a misunderstanding, an unexpected communication, a breakthrough, a reunion.  All these emotions in a short time made for an unusual Monday.  An out-of-control sort of feeling, and I’m left wondering what will come next.


Of course, all it’s about is a reminder that I’m not the center of the universe.  Amazing how easy it is to forget that.  When my control is strong, it’s inevitable that I’ll slip into believing the world’s my oyster.  I need reminders to stay on track:  the world may be my oyster, but it may not be your oyster, and success for both of us really lies in no proprietary oysters at all.  If you follow my metaphor. 


Not that it’s shameful in any way to feel strong and in control.  Those are marvelous moments, to be treasured.  But they are not the norm.  Nor is helplessness the norm.  The only lasting truth is the middle way, without attachment to either extreme.


Balancing chutzpa and humility is a sensitive part of the creative life.  How can you be daring, as creativity requires, without offending?  How can you have the courage of your convictions when pervading thought contradicts them?  How can you promote creativity in your business without losing control?


After discovering that my keyboard had stopped working this morning, and terribly worried about disappointed all two of my adoring readers, I find myself thinking about creativity and control.

In a way, developing creative business structures and creative personal viewpoints is an attempt to regain control over individual and social potentials, to become liberated from the shackles of fear and ignorance.  On the other hand, in the process of cultivating creativity, we become aware of the benefits of relinquishing control; we even willingly abdicate control so that we may become more open to possibilities.

How about this little anecdote from Australian creativity guru, Dr. Ken Hudson: 

“I once worked with a large bank and i thought the strategy session that i was facilitating was on the verge of a tremendous new direction when the leader stopped the session and wanted to know why i was allowing so much laughter in the room. What did you want me to do i asked? Curtail it was his reply. When I explained why i thought that was a bad idea he insisted. I left it to him to tell the group. As expected, all the creative energy was immediately sucked from the room.”

As with so many things in the creative life, it’s a delicate balance.  When we find ourselves grasping for control, we’ve tipped the scale.  When we feel at the mercy of outside forces, we’ve tipped it in the other direction.