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Hats off to the Creativity Portal

I’m going to be so bold, this morning, as to send the reader to another site, where the folks are generously featuring some of my writings about business and creativity. Please hop on over to the wonderful Creativity Portal, and check out my first article there. There will be at least a couple more to follow in the series.

The Creativity Portal, headed up by the energetic Chris Dunmire, presents wide-ranging access to what’s new in the world of creative development.  It’s a fun and comprehensive resource for all things innovative!

Allowing First Thoughts

Student in Chris Zydel workshopStudent in Chris Zydel workshopStudent in Chris Zydel workshopStudent in Chris Zydel workshopStudent in Chris Zydel workshopAnother daily creativity practice is that of allowing.  This mostly pertains to allowing your own thoughts and ideas.  Though many may think this is idiotically simple, the fact is that we automatically censor 99% of our impulses.   Why?  Because of learned fears and our desperate need to be accepted. Student in Chris Zydel workshopStudent in Chris Zydel workshop

After decades of what I thought was relatively open-minded living, I encountered a series of classes about ten years ago that revealed to me the heavy chains I regularly applied to my own thoughts.  The secret was in learning a discipline with which I was totally unfamiliar.  In struggling to progress in this new territory, I had to sharpen my awareness, and that meant fostering a new appreciation for ‘first thoughts,” a new willingness to say ‘Yes’ to myself.

There’s more to this, but for the moment I’ll refer the reader to Chris Zydel.  This fabulous woman was recently interviewed at the Creativity Portal, where I was first introduced to her magic.  Chris is an expert in the art of allowing, and has liberated a ton of students who have learned at her workshops how to open the hand of their thought.  This is vitally important work, and I congratulate Chris for her significant contribution to our collective evolution!