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In my business networking group, several members have been proclaiming that they refuse to participate in the economic troubles.  While such a bold statement may be a bit foolhardy (much of the worst of it has not hit us – yet – in the South, but it’s likely to before a year is out), you have to admire their conviction, and the passion behind the statement is to be taken very seriously.

Economic depression results from psychic depression.  And depression is the very soul of evil, the very opposite of life.  Somehow, we have turned from affirmation to denial, we have sunk perilously close to the quicksand of depression, we have forgotten how to trust.  The hard part is, even though we have lost our faith because those we trusted have proven to be untrustworthy, we are challenged to regain it.  We must be trustworthy ourselves, and we must also trust; it is the only way to emerge from this trouble.

Some of you may know what personal depression is, and if so, you understand this.  You understand the extreme danger in letting depression have its way.  You know that while the world may try its hardest to shake your convictions, you must persevere in the belief that your dreams can be realized.  The alternative is simply not an option.

Let’s spend the weekend immersed in our dreams, specifying and tailoring them to the finest detail, savoring the promise of faith and disallowing the evil of depression.

Betting on happiness

My state instituted a lottery a few years back.  Now poor folk can routinely pretend a windfall is just around the corner, just behind that glittering offer to scratch and win.  Now we all have an equal opportunity to live the good life.

On a forum I frequent, the question has arisen twice in six months:  what would you do if you won the lottery?  Would you keep working?  It’s a fond dream:  we love to picture unlimited funds at our disposal.  We deeply believe in the liberation that money seems to promise.

This is an example of living faith.  Though believing in anything is difficult for many a modern pragmatist, we seem to have no difficulty believing in the power of money, even though its benefits are often proven illusory, deceptive, often downright false. 

Maybe the underlying belief is the truly operative one: that we deserve liberation from the stresses and demands we experience daily.  The lottery represents sudden heaven, all problems solved, only treats and delights remaining.  It’s magic, and there’s nothing so seductive.

Far less obviously alluring but far more trustworthy is seeking the same kind of liberation through awareness rather than money.  Life can become all treats and delights; we can manage instead of be managed by our stresses and demands; we can develop an outlook that sees opportunity everywhere, that is grounded in ecstasy and compassion, and not in fear and selfishness.  This method of attaining heaven on earth is indeed a method, not a faith.  Even a small amount of progress reaps rewards.

The imagineering that leaps into action when we’re asked, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” is fun and revealing; but consider how you can get to work manifesting many of those things without buying a  ticket or placing a bet.