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Morning-after thoughts

Many thoughts whirring around this post-election morning.  The popular vote was closer than I’d expected, and I have so often been on the losing side of these exercises, so I worry some about those who counted on McCain.  They’re angry and uncomprehending this morning.  They number in the many millions, and they’re very different from me, and we’ll continue to live and work side by side, but the rift remains.

A tough young lady in line ahead of me at the polls yesterday had on a t-shirt proclaiming, “There’s a reason they call it the White House.”  Make no mistake, this kind of thinking still persists in all its mean-spirited ignorance.

As noted by several pundits and columnists recently, the trend in the past eight years has been to dis the intellect.  Liberals and democrats have been scorned for their thinking and research in favor of a cowboy, shoot-from-the-hip, my-country-right-or-wrong attitude.  I was shocked a couple days ago to be talking with a respected business person in my town, who rejected the idea of offering an ‘education moment’ in meetings, because the word ‘education’ turns people off.

Oh my, that hurt.  It’s true enough, I suppose.  Education, to so many of us, means irritating grade school teachers, interminable boredom, and an irrelevant waste of time.  So many of us have not submitted to education since high school, and are proud of it! 

But the truth is that learning is liberation; education draws out the very best in us, and ignorance keeps us enchained.  With Obama’s victory, perhaps we have a chance to renew our respect for education.  It surely is the only way we’ll heal the deep divide between the red and blue states and “create a more perfect union.”