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Cooperative capitalism

I’ve been enjoying reading other blogs I find that discuss business and creativity. Sig’s thingamy blog is a specially lively one.  I like this quote from a recent entry:

“There is no way around ‘being different’ – the core of creativity, an unavoidable part of business strategy and the source of success in a competitive market.”

The piece is about how working creatively sets a business apart from others, and thus ‘makes the competition irrelevant.’

Is such a thing as cooperative, as opposed to competitive, capitalism possible?  Because that is indeed what seems to be evolving.  We can market globally to any specialized niche, and this phenomenon outdates the old notion of killing the competition.  Seeking, identifying, and presenting your core interests and capacities as a business is what brings you customers; it is not so much necessary to outperform the competition as it is to strongly develop and articulate your unique offerings.  The popular notion  of ‘win-win’ solutions encapsulates the cooperative capitalism we’re fast developing. 

It’s not a bit easier to be successful under cooperative capitalism than the old way of competition, but it’s infinitely more peaceful and psychically healthy.  The main hurdle is for us all to re-learn the practices of the creative life, to return again to the vast riches of our individual natures.