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Helping hands

OK, review time.  Why is it necessary to cultivate creativity?  Why is innovation important to business and why are there so many manifestos out there about being creative?  The answer is that we need to develop creative perspectives because our world is changing very fast and creativity allows us to see what actually is, as opposed to what we think is, which is clouded by our highly conditioned minds.

And you can use your hands to maintain a creative outlook.  Here are a few practices.

Hand warmth.  You already know that rubbing your palms together can make you warmer on a cold day.  You can also experience that energy anytime.  After briskly rubbing your palms for 30 seconds or so, hold them six inches apart and feel the force between them.  Then hold your palm a few inches from your cheek and experience the warmth.

Accupressure.  Do you know the powerful heal-all point located in the stretch of skin between your thumb and forefinger?  By using your other hand to squeeze here, you can cure a headache and induce overall well being.

Shake shake shake.  Like taking a deep breath, like stretching, shaking out your hands will also clear the mind.  Feeling cramped, confused, overloaded?  Give your hands a good shake, get really loose at the wrist and let your fingers fly.

Feel the power.  Want to know the secret of elegance?  Want to know what makes some people so attractively graceful?  Use the energy that lives at the very tips of your fingers.  Practice the yoga mountain pose, sending your energy out through your fingertips.  It’s a little like having a magic wand.

By using these practices on and off through your day, you take advantage of the support your hands can give to your well-being.  And by returning and returning to your inner power, you steer clear of the petty tyrants and paranoias that keep you from open-minded thinking.  By staying attuned to the quest for what really is, you automatically activate creativity.

Playing with the edge

Consider the infinite diversity of our world.  Consider the vastness of the universe.  Consider how your love is so deep as to consume your entire consciousness and yet the one you love is never entirely knowable to you.

Years ago, a yoga teacher encouraged us to ‘play with the edge.’   If you’ve ever done yoga, you know the experience of moving into the pose, moving as far as you can to the edge of your capability, and hanging there.  It’s that place where you can, with patience, pry open the door to personal progress.  Do not shrink from that edge; rather, learn to go there gently and confidently and remain there in calm strength.

To progress, to learn, to evolve into our ideals, we do best to become comfortable with living on the edge this way.   If ignorance is not knowing what you don’t know, enlightenment is opening to the universe beyond your personal edges, allowing the probability that what you don’t know is infinitely larger than what you do know.  Once past selfishness and fear, you find that the vastness of the unknown becomes the very nourishment of your days.  Staying within your native ‘comfort zone’ no longer satisfies.

While these thoughts pertain to personal life, they apply just as well to the business world.  In your work, do you cling to the known, the predictable, the accustomed?  Whether boss or employee, do you catch yourself striving to establish once and for all your systems and methods?  Do you tend to ignore issues that are distasteful or threatening to you?  Do you wait until conditions force you to buckle before you speak up or take action?

Consider how learning to hang at the edge, to abide not in the center of your known world but at its fringes, will spin a life more enlightening and rewarding than you can even imagine.